Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dear Rejected Manuscript...

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I haven’t been avoiding you. Really. It’s been a busy time for me. What, with the start of spring, my new blog, and all that.

Oh, sorry. Let me introduce you. 

Book, this is Blog, the place I created in your honor. Blog, this is Book, the manuscript I've been telling you about. I'm thinking you two can help each other.

Anyway, you seem well. Pages properly numbered, double-spaced as always. I noticed a few typos in my recent read-through, but those aren’t important right now.

You know, Book, over the years we both have changed: shifted focus, gained and lost weight, added and deleted characters from our lives, even changed our names. And by now, you should know how much I admire and believe in you. I know greatness lies within you, longing to be unleashed.

With that in mind, we need to discuss the editor’s recommendations.

Namely, what I plan to do with them.
I know you read the chat where we discussed the ideas. And you noticed the new folder and the corresponding “brainstorming” document for the next revision. You know which characters and storylines will be cut. You’re probably nervous, and I understand that.

But you know me. I would never do anything to harm you. I would never turn you into something you’re or dare delete your essence. No matter what changes lie ahead—and there are many—you have the final say. Our partnership is essential and sacred, rivaling that between my husband and me (don’t tell him that), and without you, I am but a creative woman staring at a blank page.

I need you on board from the start. I need you to summon the courage to take my hand on this rehabilitation project. And I need your word that nothing matters more than unearthing your brilliance and authenticity: not those characters, this plot thread, or that one-liner which has survived all previous attempts at deletion.

I need you to remind me of why we started this journey those nine years ago. To tell me when I veer off-course and when a detour feels right. I need you to encourage me when I feel I have ruined you and show me where you hurt so I can make it all better.

Most of all, I need you to believe: in me, in yourself, and in us as a team. Believe that if we stay honest with each other, we will emerge in a few months (I hope) better, stronger, and closer to that elusive “Yes.”

I hope to see you soon.



  1. Wow! So this little gem of a page is new to me! I am so glad to finally be introduced! I let fear overcome my desire to see my story told, don't give up girl! Believing for this and in the mighty name of Jesus that has power to change and transform even the most hardened of hearts. I'll be praying for your editors, publisher and publishing agencies, to see the potential of your words to inspire lives of your readers. May God bless the your endeavor.

  2. Oh, hon, I may have to copy your letter and give it to my manuscipt. Great letter. You made me smile. :)