Friday, May 17, 2013

Reflections: What I Need To Do

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(Grammar people, the “to” is capitalized intentionally, so bear with me.)

I have several friends living their dreams: hair consultants, fashion stylists, educators, and more.

One such friend recently cited Jim Rohn as one of her influences, particularly his adage, “Don’t start the day until it is finished," decide today what you will do tomorrow, beginning with the end in mind.

Armed with that sage advice, I tackled the first two business days of this week and accomplished more in those two days than last week altogether.


But sometime Tuesday evening, I met with an unfortunate side effect of all this industry.

I was cranky and overwhelmed, unable to decide what to do next.
With all the hats I wear each day—mother, wife, writer, stepmother, business owner—there are no shortage of tasks awaiting my attention. But I often struggle with knowing what I need to do most, which of the many options is the right and most important.

Even after I select a category—writing, for example—the options are many. Fanfiction? Which one? Original work in progress? There are four. The novel whose dismemberment inspired this blog? Do I start at the beginning or write a scene out of sequence? By my fourth trip around the mountain of choices, the only thing I want to do is take a nap.

(Sidebar: My husband says I need to live in a communist country because I freeze in the face of options. I then disagree… and take my sweet time deciding what to order from Mister Softee.)

But on this Tuesday night, I discovered the truth about what I need to do.

Before bed, I read Psalm 23 to my little ones. I’d memorized this and other beloved chapters as a child, so I was familiar with the following verses:

“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul.”

But as I read those words that night, my spirit whispered, “This is all you need to do.”  

Lie down.

Be led.

Be restored.

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The words seemed passive, not strong enough to warrant top-billing on this modern woman’s  list, and I wondered what would become of the week’s progress were I to prioritize such rest.

Then my spirit continued, “All else falls into place if you do these things first.”

This truth from Matthew’s sixth chapter calmed me and confirmed what I forgot I knew.

Christ is my source. For all of my gifts, talents, and dreams, He is my start and finish. I can do all things through Him and nothing without Him. So if I am to do anything worth doing, I need to do what He says.

Lie down.

Be led.

Be restored.

I think I can do that.

And I think I’ll start now.

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