Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Word Count Wednesday

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I have had this blog for almost three months.

A blog dedicated to the completion of the redraft of my original novel and its subsequent publication.


I am a few words shy of 17,000 in my redraft with no real idea of when I will finish.

I recognize the folly in using word counts as an accurate measure of progress. But I also recognize that unless I buckle down and focus, this novel will idle in a perpetual state of redraft for the foreseeable future.

And that will not do.

So I—along with my Moo Sisters, Jess and The Ghostwriter—am beginning a self-imposed Nano today, 30 days of working on my novel without interruption. I am also giving myself a few weeks of cushion to fully complete the draft, giving me a prospective end date of August 1st.

The good news is I smoked Nano when I did it two years ago. And with a 17,000-word head start, I am practically guaranteed a workable finished product.

The… uh, other news is... in order to do this, I am suspending my blog until August 1st.

I’m sure there are those who could it all: take care of her children and husband, write her blog, blitz her draft, keep house, and kick a field goal without batting a perfectly curled eyelash.

But I am not she nor do I pretend to be.

So I invite you to meet me back here on Thursday, August 1st where I will share the news of my success!

Thank you for your support thus far and in the meantime.

See you then, my friends! xoxo

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