Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Christmas Spirit

Our Christmas tree... and littlest angel in germ-free times
It’s Christmas Eve in our home, and all is quiet.

Not because we’re waiting for Santa Claus, but because our older children are spending the holidays with their mother and my babies are sidelined with fevers and congestion. They spent most of the past two days coughing and cradled in my bed. Though I miss the noise and naughtiness their normal activities create, Mommy has had plenty of time to write and relax.

Hello, silver lining.

But it is Christmas Eve, and as I’ve spent the past few weeks inundated with holiday commercials and the like, one phrase keeps grabbing my attention.

“The Christmas Spirit.”

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yeah, about Nano...

Image Courtesy of thaikrit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
So I was supposed to return here December 1st with my post-Nano post, full of anecdotes about my success and lessons I learned during the month.

But I ran into a snag.

Rather, a snag ran into me.

Since November 30th I have had numbness/iciness/tingling in my body, most acutely in my left arm and leg, and my energy level has been compromised. Assorted tests have revealed nothing so far, but I am not worried. I know I am healed in every respect… just waiting for my body to get the memo.

Thus I was in the hospital sans laptop for three days, and as my fingers were disinclined to cooperate, I was unable to post. Had they felt differently, this is the gist of what I would have said:

“I did not complete Nano this year, and failing has never felt so good.”