Thursday, March 13, 2014

Feels Good to be Nominated!

Yesterday was a rather craptacular day. No one did anything to me per se--unless you count Braylee's unrelenting wanna-be-up-under-Mommy attack--but I was definitely wearing my Cranky Pants.

And no, it's not the Waxing Crescent phase of the lunar cycle, thank you.

Yet I felt overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, and downright annoyed with myself and everything else for no particular reason.

So imagine my delight when I checked my email but a half hour ago and found this message:

You have been nominated in The Non-Canon awards! So head on over and check it out...and don't forget to grab your nomination banner! :)

A Twilight fanfiction award?

I was stunned. Geeked beyond measure and stunned.

Because these are Non-Canon Awards, I knew "Black Ice" was the nominated story as it is my only non-canon fic to date. But that in no way diminished my glee when I saw my name listed under "Best Edward/Alice or Rosalie or Esme pairing."

Not in the least.

My story pairs Edward and Rosalie (Roseward), specifically re-imagining the two years they lived with Carlisle and Esme before Rosalie found her eventual canon mate Emmett. This is a taboo undertaking for several reasons, but one I could not ignore. Roseward was full of such pain, confusion, and emotional chaos that, with all due respect to Stephenie Meyer's copyrighted canon, I could not accept the notion that they spent two whole years ignoring each other. And in "Black Ice," I explore what I think really happened between them. My version of events slightly alters the future Twilight creates, so "Black Ice" has now become a three-story saga which will carry them (and their mates) through the time of Twilight. Part two, "The Polar Ends," is currently in progress.

Though any nomination for any story would have been special, being nominated for "Black Ice" is especially significant as "Black Ice" is my favorite thing I have ever written. I love this story, Roseward's flaws and mutual fascination, and it will always represent my courage to follow my writing heart despite knowing so few of my readers would follow. And to think someone else loved this story enough to nominate it for an award...there are no words.

No, I take that back. There are some words. Two in fact.


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