Monday, June 9, 2014

Baby Got Back...with an Orchestra

I think it's safe to say I have officially seen everything.

Just in case you missed it, Rolling Stone featured a story yesterday about 90's rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot performing at Seattle's Benaroya Hall as part of Composer Gabriel Prokofiev's Sonic Evolution series.

Though Prokofiev also featured Mix-a-lot's other hit, "Posse's on Broadway," this video of "Baby Got Back" wins for several reasons:

1. Mix-a-Lot's introduction
The outspoken MC's prologue to the performance alone is worth watching. He is as charismatic and hilarious as ever, reminding us why he ruled the charts.
2. The "dancers."
One cannot perform "Baby Got Back" without some "back" on stage, so Mix-a-Lot invited willing women to join him on stage. And though we are impressed with the 30+ females who joined him, the woman in the charcoal dress on the left CLEARLY won the day. 

3. Crowd participation.
This song doesn't work without the fellas chiming in with their "Yeah! Yeah!" at the right time, and the Seattle audience does not disappoint.

4. The musicians.
Give it up to Prokofiev and his orchestra for being faithful to Mix-a-Lot's musical vision. And watching them playing in sunglasses was the icing on the cake. Or vanilla cream in the Seattle's Best.

So without further ado, I bring you "Baby Got Back" featuring the Seattle Symphony.

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