Thursday, June 5, 2014

TBT MUSIC: This Song, That Movie

Since the silent era of yesteryear, movies have changed with the times. The addition of color and sound were transformative, as was the musical era of the early 20th Century. But true music lovers would argue the inclusion of songs in key film scenes changed the cinematic game forever.

Why? Because you will never again hear this song without thinking of that movie.

Which brings us to today's category.

As an avid movie watcher, one song and film combo immediately came to mind when Horace gave me this category. But as a loyal sister, I cannot choose the song my brother undoubtedly will pick when he participates on Facebook later this morning. Thus I must go with my second--though no less significant--choice.

This movie reigns in my heart for several reasons. Not only did I see it with a dear friend during my freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania, but it is the defining black romance of my early adulthood. And though its soundtrack is one of the best CDs ever assembled, this particular song will eternally remind me of the stylishly simple photo montage of the opening credits.

The movie is love jones. The song is "Hopeless" by Dionne Farris.

What's your selection for this week's category? Join the party with #dlmtbtmusic


  1. Karate kid part 2. I've always loved this scene in the movie. The song fit perfectly for that moment

    1. You know what? A friend of mine used that very song/movie combo on FB today. Great minds! :-)