Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The "Diff'rent Strokes" Theme Song

Very similar to the TV of my childhood
(Ah, the memories...)
Though well-read and admittedly snooty in my grammatical preferences, I am a girl who proudly proclaims her lifelong love of television. The snappy one-liners, the tear-jerker moments and shocking storylines enrich my life in ways books and films cannot. As it stands, I'm on my third run-through of Seasons 1-4 of Vampire Diaries on Netflix, and I sit there watching the drama unfold in Mystic Falls as if for the first time.

(For real for real, I need to hurry up and finish this entry because they're conspiring to kill Klaus, and it's getting gooooood.)

So in honor of the beloved boob tube--Gosh, I detest that term--this week's Throwback Thursday category is "Pre-90s TV Show Theme Song." As a gluttonous consumer of television programming, selecting just one was incredibly difficult. I love different songs for different reasons, and no fewer than ten popped in my mind when picking this category.

In the end, I've gotta go with the song that makes me happiest when I hear it. This song reminds me of lazy summer afternoons at Grandmom's house, David and Nate beside me singing along. It reminds me of a time where I could enjoy a show like this without pausing to consider its cultural and racial implications...although that episode about the Bicycle Man haunts me until this day.

The show and theme song belong to none other than Diff'rent Strokes.

I dare you to hear this song without grooving along!

What's your favorite pre-90s TV Show Theme Song?

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