Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tight Harmony + Epic Dance Solo = The Best Video EVER

Mommy & me with the handsome groom.
Today's post was going to focus on weddings, those life-changing ceremonies uniting two people in love and eternal, exclusive fellowship. I aimed to gush about my cousin's beautifully intimate nuptials this weekend and the amazing food, folks, and fun at their reception.

I was then going to rant about contrast their joy with the inherent stress of wedding planning, a problem often rooted in folks forgetting weddings should celebrate the bride and groom not cater to guest preferences. I planned to empathize with family-wrangling couples and offer testimonies, condolences, and support.

And if I had enough space, I planned to wrap up with the amazing truth behind a recent viral wedding photo featuring two contrasting groups of people and a telling hashtag.

Well, that was the plan until the following video popped up in my Facebook news feed last night.

I could introduce the following 2:55 any number of ways. But the video speaks for itself.

You're welcome.


Though the video itself is hilarity incarnate, the truth behind it is anything but.

By its own admission this video is produced by The Way International, a religious group often described as a cult. Based on what I've read, I conclude these lost sheep are in desperate need of The Good Shepherd.

And a 12-step program to deliver them from thinking any of the above is a good idea.

From the moment I saw it, I knew something was off about this video beyond the whole white-folks-in-outdated-clothing-dancing-to-a-hip-hop-beat-in-church of it all. To discover its connection to a cult is disturbing and totally ruins any enjoyment I might hereafter derive from this video.

Well, not totally. Have you seen that dance solo?

Seriously though, I pray for those oppressed and misled by derivatives of Christ's truth and hope they someday come to realize only Jesus is The Way. Meanwhile I am thankful for the freedom to worship in song and dance...and for the God-given restraint not to make another joke right here.

No matter how sorely I'm tempted.

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