Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Ghetto Superstar by Pras, Mya, and ODB

If you're like me, you just started singing the hook to this cut from the Bulworth soundtrack. Mya's light, lovely voice flows through your mind, and you wonder why this song isn't already in your 90s playlist.

I can tell you why. Because you like this song only for the hook.

Don't be ashamed. It's a great hook. Mya puts her thing down as usual, reminding us why she was all over the airwaves back then. And makes us miss her terribly.

But otherwise, this song is pretty forgettable. You don't find yourself quoting its lyrics while stopped at a red light or in a too long line at Chipotle. You don't YouTube the video for nostalgia's sake--unless you have a sudden urge to see Halle Berry with a curly, red updo--nor can you remember the last time you thought of this song before now.

And that's okay. You're not alone.

So here's to you, "Ghetto Superstar," the Song I Like ONLY for the Hook.  

I guess there are worse reasons, right?

What song do you like only for its hook? Let me know in the comments!

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