Thursday, July 3, 2014

TBT MUSIC: Song at Every Cookout

Tomorrow is Independence Day, and given our country's origins, the discourse will shift to concepts like freedom, sacrifice, honor, genocide, bigotry, and know, the usual suspects of American history.

But this is Throwback Thursday, so I'm not here to delve into that stuff. Instead let us focus on our favorite staple of the American summer besides fireworks.

The cookout.

Cookouts (or BBQs) invoke different memories for all of us. Some remember the smoky heat of the grill and the burnt hot dogs your drunk uncle tried to pass off as "just a little charred." Others think of a giant bottle of mustard or suspicious green potato salad (I'm looking at you, Jill Scott).

No matter your thoughts, music is the one ingredient without which no cookout would be complete, and this week's TBT category pays homage to the tunes that just seem to go with charcoal, wine coolers, and scorching summer temperatures.

My selection comes from an artist we sadly lost nine years ago this week. Though his musical legacy lies mainly in ballads, this jazzy number dances its way into every cookout I've ever attended. And basking in his silky voice is one summertime tradition I wholly support.

The artist is Luther Vandross. The song is "Bad Boy/Having a Party."

Cookout or not, we miss you, Luther!

What's your favorite Cookout Song? Let me know in the comments!

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