Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weird Al Indicts Us for "Word Crimes"

The Weird Al of my childhood.
Since the day I heard his greed-inspired parody of Michael Jackson's "Beat It," I have been a huge fan of Weird Al Yankovic. His rewrites of popular songs are equal parts hilarious and creative, and from a songwriting perspective, I have nothing but respect for his brilliance.

My previous favorite was "The Saga Begins," his treatment of The Phantom Menace set to the music of "American Pie." Though not a hardcore Star Wars fan, I have been known to hum a few lines of the chorus every now and then.

But just in case there was some part of me that didn't appreciate his work, Weird Al solidified his place in my personal Pantheon with one of his latest videos, "Word Crimes," a remake of Robin Thicke's much-maligned 2013 hit "Blurred Lines."

Weird Al + an indictment of bad grammar = The best video ever.

Don't believe me? See for yourselves!

This video is the right answer on every level. Not only does it address critical issues like the popular use of "less" to describe plural nouns *cringes* but it has dancing punctuation marks! What more could one want?

Thank you, Weird Al, for putting the unheard cries of my inner editor to music.

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