Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday: "All I Do Is Think of You" by Troop

Ah, September. Temperatures drop, days shorten, and parents everywhere rejoice.

Back to school time, baby.

This overachieving perfectionist loved school. So many chance to excel and challenge myself, not to mention all the socializing in-between. And no three years were better than middle school...until Howard, that is.

(Bi-son! You know!)

Middle school exposed me to many new experiences: camping trips, weekly Meeting for Worship, and lacrosse rank highly among them. But for a boy-crazy girl like me, middle school was where I fell in and out of love every few minutes. These jive emotional entanglements were unrequited, mind, but that didn't diminish their value. I had 20+ crushes in sixth grade alone, lasting anywhere from a few days to the entire year.

Lucky for Horace, all that romantic energy is now directed at him. Boom, baby!

So when I think of middle school, I think of daydreaming about this boy or that...and being secretly terrified of the prospect of reciprocated feelings (He likes me too. Gasp! What am I supposed to do now?!?). And when I think of that, I only think of this song.

Take it away, Troop.

As soon as I heard, "I can't wait to get to school each daaaaay..." I just knew they wrote this song for me!

What song reminds you of middle school? Let me know below!

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