Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday: "Cry For You" by Jodeci

Tonight is the premiere of Season 6 of Vampire Diaries, and I am FREAKING OUT. My beloved Delena is facing a crisis of supernatural proportions, and I cannot wait to find out where things stand.

What does this have to do with Throwback Thursday? Glad you asked!

See, Delena--the moniker given to Supercouple Damon and Elena--are not together right now. I won't tell you why, but let's just say there are more than miles between them. She is heartbroken, begging the universe to reunite them, and I second those emotions. Her epic meltdown in the Season 5 finale still makes me wanna fall out in the floor and wail 'til my throat is sore.

And that got me thinking about "Baby, please come back" songs.

Though every genre boasts some good ones, I think the men of R&B have that game on lock. With soaring lyrics and the obligatory voice-over, they are the best at issuing tear-stained apologies and heartfelt promises to do better next time.

Or at least until the next "Baby, please come back" single drops.

And no "Baby, please come back" countdown would be complete without "Cry for You" by Jodeci.

The gravelly-voiced intro, the scorching desert sands, the inexplicable black leather jackets, Devante playing the piano in an open white button-down shirt. The logistics of getting the piano there aside, this is the ultimate "Baby, please come back" song, and the video drives that message home.

I am already on my way. With an ice cold beverage.

What's your favorite "Baby, come back" song? Let me know below!

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