Monday, June 20, 2016

God Don't Like Ugly

I spend far too much time on social media, Facebook and Pinterest being my favorite hangouts. Though some content leaves me clutching my proverbial pearls and wondering what’s wrong with folks, I learn the most in the comments.

(And laugh till I cry at the memes. Seriously, some o' y'all need to quit your day jobs and go into comedy.)

And in the comments, I often find the following phrase:

“God don’t like ugly.”

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This four-word observation usually suggests someone is suffering, being punished, or experiencing negative consequences because God looked down from heaven, saw what they done did, and made sure they got what was coming to them.

“God don’t like ugly.”

I can’t even pretend I’ve never thought the same thing—even if I had the sense not to post it on the interwebs. When something bad happens to a bad person who did something bad to a good person, it’s only logical to revel in that a bit.

“God don’t like ugly.”

Or does He?

We know from our favorite Old Testament stories that God specialized in smiting his enemies, and we even have Romans 12:19 in the grace-focused New Testament where God says vengeance is His. But the following verses charge us to be good to our enemies and to overcome evil with good. Why would God want us to be good to someone he planned to smite as soon as he got the chance?

Because contrary to what that saying suggestions, God loves ugly.

How do I know that?

Because God loves me, and I am ugly.

I can cover it with makeup and a smile. I can distract you from it with my talents, positive habits, and winning personality. I might even convince you in the right situation that I am practically perfect in every way.

But when I wound my husband by speaking without thinking, I am ugly.

And God still loves me.

When I put my needs first because I just feel like being selfish that day, I am ugly.

And God loves me anyway.

When I lie or lust, covet or criticize, I am ugliness personified.

And God loves me no less.

God loves me because He is love not because of what I do or don’t do, say or don’t say. I can’t earn more love by being better, and I can’t lose His love by acting a fool...

...or saying someone deserves a recompense for their nonsense that I wouldn’t want for my own.

No, God don’t like ugly. He loves it—died for and redeemed it—and I am eternally grateful to Him for that.

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