Monday, June 27, 2016

Happy Birthday, Karlynne: An Acrostic

Today I celebrate one of my oldest--though she loves to point out that I'm four-and-a-half months older than she is--and dearest friends. 

Karlynne, this one's for you!

My Original "Home G" and I through the years...

Kids of all ages love her,
And with good reason. Beyond helping them
Read and write, she showers them with the
Love and attention they need. Today’s
Youth are often overlooked or underestimated,
Neglected or even discarded. But
Not in the presence of Miss Karlynne:
Every child is priceless to her, and she
Believes in their God-given
Abilities. She encourages them to always
Reach for their dreams and
Builds them up at every opportunity.
Angel and Amir are living proof of that
Rare combination of childlike enthusiasm
And optimistic wisdom that keeps Karlynne
Steady no matter what craziness life
Throws at her. I am so deeply honored
And blessed to know her: she is
The bravest, strongest, kindest, and
Endlessly generous friend a girl could have.
Never change, Carol Anne. Never change. 


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